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Default Black people and white people?

I can see reason for this thread being deleted, but really it shouldn't be, there is nothing bad going on in it.
I was reading an interview that miles davis gave back in 1969. I know the time was different, but i pose this question to you, do black and white people have different musical characteristics that cannot be overcome?
Miles was saying that neither is better, but he looks for black musicians when he wanted guys to swing and play fast, and whites for other types (mainly rock).
He said that the only white guy that could swing was buddy. Buddy and Tony were his two favourite swingers.He said white guys like buddy use the snare drum to play, but black guys like tony use the whole kit,they play the harmonics and tones of the other instruments......really i think he was saying that blacks are more rythmic.
He went on to say that the great bands have a mix of whites and blacks, that way you get the best of both worlds........which is strange coming from someone with all black groups

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