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Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
the 00's have been a weird decade for me. I was 19 in 2000 a young freshman in college, not really bright eyed already jaded. I just remember thinking I had about 10 years before I had any real expectations of me to have a career, family, or a home.

I was really excited about the band I was in back then, really thought I had a chance to make it big. I learned alot about the music business since then though. I actually am making a living now as a professional musician. I learned not to hitch my wagon to just one horse. I realize for some thats the only way to make it, but it didn't work out that way for me.

I also really looked up to musicians who were just a little bit older than me because they had all the cool gear and road cases. It really just takes time, you get a little bit of stuff every year and eventually you have all the tools of the trade, and then all the toys too.
That's quite interesting because you were about the same age and position 10 years ago that i am coming into 2010. This is really a turning point for me this next year. The way i see it there are a few ways i can go in terms of careers and jobs. I don't think it's highly likely that i'm ever going to become a famous musician or anything but i reckon i'll just try out some bands and write a few songs while i'm in university and see if anyone is interested or not.

Oh and ty whoever rated my thread 5 stars i'm touched lol.
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