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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by OceanDirt
but gadd does not just "play his licks." does he have licks? yes. does he play them? yes he does. but that is perhaps the least important part of what he has done as an innovator on the drum set.
Yes. You don't say anything I disagree with. In fact, it's precisely because I agree that Gadd's licks are not the most important part of his playing that I get frustated when I see clinic clips, and all he seems to do is roll out his licks, again....and again....and again. Now as Nutha suggests, and I hinted at, maybe that's because the audience is always full of people who want to hear those licks. Maybe it's because Steve has assumed that's what people want to hear. Who knows....I just think it would be fascinating to see him come out of his comfort zone, don't you?
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