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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Um, Stu....Please do not quote my question "Anyone else ever thought that the the 50 Ways beat just doesn't really fit the song" as a demonstation of a general 'misguidedness' and ignorance. I am an enormous fan of Gadd; I love his playing for all the reasons you have stated; I love countless grooves he's laid down, but I happen not to think that particular one fits that song - great pattern though it is!

However, I do agree with whoever expressed frustration at Gadd's endless repetition of his licks. There are obviously a hell of a lot of people who are happy to go to a Steve Gadd clinic, and watch him play his licks over and over again. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see the guy stretching his enormous talent, and continuing to innovate like he once did, rather than giving the crowds the quasi-drumming-pornography that Gadd playing his licks now is.
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