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Default Re: Show off your Yamahas!

Been playing Yamaha since 1982 (showing my age, here). Here are some of the kits I have owned since then. I'm currently working on a black recording kit-last photo. I'll post more photos, when its complete. My first Yamaha kit was a 'Sunset Brown' recording custom kit that I scored in Philadelphia from a guy (in 1982) who had 2 kits worth. Sunset Brown was a custom finish that preceeded the Tobacco Burst type of finish. It had a satin finish rather than glossy finish, and was simply amazing. It was never mass produced, and had to be custom ordered from Yamaha. I also owned an original black w/black edges recording kit, that was Steve Gadd sizes. Another great kit with thin birch shells and fine bearing edges. Unfortunately, I foolishly sold both of those kits years ago and have no digital photos of them. I was the only person around my area at the time who had the 10, 12, 14 configuration. Now, its everywhere. I supported Gadd's thinking that you can get bigger sound from smaller drums, with proper tuning.


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