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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
thtst, I was wondering about your username. Thought it might have been an acronym.
It is, and now that i have announced what it stands for on the site here it goes:

There was a contest to guess the album's title and to date no one was able to guess correctly. Instead of just coming out and saying what the THTST means, please listen to Led Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door song titled "All My Love". Pay special attention to the lyrics after the solo break.

(for DW'ers i'll spell it out)

Yours is 'the cloth', mine is...

The Hand(s) That Sew Time

Album sales have been quite good btw. (knocking wood......... blocks :) ) Feedback from listeners is very positive, with a divergence of those who want me to do another album with nothing but 'all-out' drumming and those who want me to do more etherial mellow melodic/tonal/textural 'aural' sounds. Just submitted the album to the Percussive Arts Society a few days back as well to get their feedback.
Enjoy the Music,

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