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Originally Posted by PMcCMusic View Post
Hi Guys,
I'm late to the party but,....thought I'd chime in from a totally different perspective.

I've been a gtr player for over 30 years and made a living as a musician. Of course I always thought Lennon & Macca were genius' and truthfully as a gtr plyr never gave much thought to Ringo.
I recently started playing drums and have discovered how great he really is. As with any instrument,..most often, it's what you DON'T play that counts.

So,...This is where I voice an opinion and go down in Through years of gigging with drummers,..... IMO,...there is nothing more aggravating than a drummer with chops!....I realize context is everything, so don't take that super literal, but.
Why any drummer would think that fills every 4 or 8, turning the beat around,..fancy hihat shit, cool in pop/rock,..beyond me....
But you do,...I know you're out there guys,...LOL!!

There is nothing more annoying than trying to solo or sing with that shit in the way.
Trust me,..your band feels this way,..they just won't tell you because drummers are rarer than you think.
You always know when a drummer has chops,...they can't help

No coincidence,....Just about everytime I ask a drummer who his favorite player is.
It's always Vinnie and or Gadd,....they are wonderful players but for my taste,. I'd take Ringo over them anyday. IN A POP/ROCK CONTEXT....

Ringo NEVER overplayed and I think most drummers miss that concept. Was very creative as mentioned,...Get Back,..Come Together, Swinging his ass off on the ride in I Feel Fine. What?! do these tunes call for someone roaring around the kit with fills all over?
As a writer,...I would never imagine those beats if I brought those songs into my band.
So,..I'll take a Ringo or Keltner on my tracks anyday. (I wish,
I also do progressive stuff,...and will go as far as Brectlein (spelling?),...I love him.
Play for the song, not for yourself

That's it cats!
Peace and Love
Yes....there is quite a bit of turnig every song into a Gospel/Hip-Hop/R&B/Funk drum solo right now because many drummers want to show everyone what they can do or what they have been working on. It is the fad thing to do right - show off! And they tend to get fired for overplaying quite often! They get fired in the studio for overplaying! And it is because they don't understand that not everything is an R&B/Gospel/Hip-Hop/ Funk/Metal song!

Neither Gadd nor Vinnie would be so disrespectful of Ringo.....

Come Together is my favorite Beatles tune right now!

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