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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
Thanks for injecting some sanity here...

a "western" drumset is the most easiest instrument to learn: any kid can watch the drummer and imitate it in a minute, most basically crossing hands and play right hand on the highhat, left hand on the snare...

These kinda comments completely leave me scratching my head...
I have played other instruments and I think that drums are going to be the most challenging...yes, there are easy grooves, but playing drums well is a whole other story. Keeping a perfect beat, keeping your feet in sync with your hands to ensure your playing is not sloppy...that takes a lot of effort and practice. I can feel a beat easily, but from my first lesson I could already see what challenges lie ahead of me (eg. my foot lags slightly behind the beat for the kick drum). Then there are those mad players with fancy-schmancy fills and stupendous speed. I can only hope to achieve that level of technical prowess.

I agree with the comments here that the harp is difficult. French horn is apparently a nightmare to get a good sound out of.
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