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Default Re: Used and Abused.

I'm sorry to read this, but not surprised. This happens all the time in this business. It is unfortunate, but I think it is a good lesson. It is something I had to deal with also. I'm owed for an album and tour. My problem was I did not treat the situation in a professional manner. I did not have a personal manager, I took people at their word and had no written contract.

The lesson here is to begin thinking of all aspects of your drumming as a business. You are in business, it matters not how small or large this business is. In business people are sold commodities, your drumming is one such commodity. No roofer works for free, nor does a plumber or lawyer. Why should it be different simply because we are playing music?

By all means find out legally what you can do. But next time someone asks you to perform, arrange it properly. Get a personal manager and pay him or her the 15%. In the long run it's worth it.

Good luck.
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