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Originally Posted by CarterB_Junkie
Remember that Lars is one of the only drummer (Collins maybe) that has a writing credit on all the songs of the band (except Motorbreath on Kill Em All) and they are now in the 100 million records area.
There's plenty more I assure you, too many to list.

Lars was good and fast back in the day and he was one of my influences(and many others) when I started to play metal. His fills were never that strong but his double bass was faster than most for the time. He played with power that would make some of our hands bleed. Over the years his playing has become quite stagnant and uninspiring. It's happened with the whole band.

And WTF is up with the snare on 'St. Anger'!?!? Did he come by my house at 2am and steal my trash can to record with???
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