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Default Video Editing Software

I picked up a digital video camera for my grandaughter for Christmas and like it enough that I picked one up for myself. I would like to be able to edit unwanted stuff from the recordings and add text if that's possible. I'm hoping or assuming something worthwhile along the lines of Garage Band or Pro Tools is available as freeware or shareware yet simple enough to fit into the realm of "Video Editing for Dummies?" I'd like to get to know something about editing before considering dropping money on a program. I found some stuff by googling, but don't know enough to know what is good or bad, or even worthwhile. I've had some good experiences with shareware, but some really bad ones also. Can anyone suggest anything or share some advice? I read that something comes with Windows XP and later, but I'm still on Windows 2000 so I don't have whatever it is that now comes with Windows.

Also, I see a lot of "out of sync," audio to video and vice versa stuff on the internet, especially youtube, so can anyone tell me what's going on with this problem? It seems prevalent enough to be more then a simple camera problem but I don't know.

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