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(I am also very skeptical of studio recordings and the 'touch-ups' that can be done, especially when you are able to record on the budget Shadows Fall must have had - great sounding album!)
Some earlier comments described him as precise, basically when he performs live he is spot on.

The things that Adler does with double-kick drumming is very innovative.

Hard to compare but they have noticable differences in drumming.

Very same drumming in each album, not sure if thaat's a good thing. Very solid and precise, good ability to play complex patterns at high speed. Great chops. Plays what the music requires. Well read, he made a DVD on the "stuff" behind metal drumming called What drives the beat.

Jason Bittner I think has the ability to play LoG songs...

...but, his style in Shadows Fall is considerably different...

one of fav drummers.
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