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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

I dont tend to follow our Premier League either, my team is in the lower league anyway.

When i was younger i would go and watch West Ham Unitied and Tottenham play, back in the early 80's,
(Not good times in English football, quite a few times i would get caught up in the violance, but i was way to young to be involved, i would just try and run to the other side of the stand, Not Fun),
but the surporters were proper working class people, standing shoulder to shoulder on the terraces.

Not like now, were alot of people who follow the big premier clubs, are Corporate people, people who could not care about the score, but along for jolly up only, aaarrrhhh, and then you will have your suporters who will stop going to watch there team, as they are at the bottom of the league. aaarrrhhh hate them also.

Within our lower league you still get your proper surporter still.

Love football and the passion that one has for the game, it shows in this thread, brings out the tribal mentality in people.

Anyway, you are a buch of sour crouts, you are all jelious, because this year we have a great team and good manager and will go all the way in 2010 world cup.

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