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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa


That is a good clip, but having the french, the spanish, the itailians etc... "Europeons", that is really what it is like, everyone diving just to get the upper hand.

Surely, is it not embarrasing to keep going down from the slightest of touches, do they not feel like a big girls blouse or a sissy. It would take a tank on steroids to take me down, i would want to stay on my own two feet, and let people know that if they were to tackle me, they would come of worse, not to go down and start crying.

AAAARRRRHHHH i hate that in football.

I hate drogba who plays for Chelsea, he went down last week, and looked like he was having a serious fit on the floor, but when the ref told him 30 seconds later to get of the pitch he suddenly had the energy to run back at the ref and have a moan, Sudden Recovery. I dispise the way he plays his football.

Rendezous, like you i surpose, i am English, Scotish, Irish, Viking, Roman, Keltic. Some where along the line, thats all the nations which have come to our country, and my blood line comes from there some where.

And why not surport your local team, it needs your surport, here we have alot of surporters who follow Manchester United, but live in London, they only follow Man U as they win all the time, and when Man u looses five games on the trot they throw there toys out of the pram.

If we all went to follow the big teams, then the smaller clubs would not survive, and there would only be 20 clubs to play as oppossed to the current 94 clubs in the English profressional league.

Take the Scottish SPL league. They have 12 teams in that division with only 3 maybe 4 main teams, but year on year the same teams are mostly in in that top 4, that is why we should surport our local team, and not just all be glory hunters.
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