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Default Re: Used and Abused.

Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex View Post
I have no idea, I'm not really involved in the visual arts program. The Absinthe is still open, though! I don't know if the ferrets were around when you went there, but one of them passed away due to cancer. They had funerals and everything, it was really upsetting! I play there with my jazz group and my acoustic pop group every so often for giggles. It's good times :)

As to my classmate, apparently they're legitimate and are looking at serious radio airplay. He's manipulative enough to get the band on the air as well. I haven't talked to the lawyer yet, but will sometime this week.

HA! Ferrets...I think the same manager is there! If Rob Bowman still teaches up there you HAVE to take a class with him. The class I took with him was Music and Society (basically a history of popular music). His depth of knowledge is insane and he is a super generous and fantastic guy. He won a Grammy for the liner notes he wrote for the Stax boxet when I was at York.

Are you at Winter's college? I remember some of the crazy jazz geeks I hung out with (quite a few wacky drummers)! I had a great time at York. I hear it is all corporate now, though.
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