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the 00's have been a weird decade for me. I was 19 in 2000 a young freshman in college, not really bright eyed already jaded. I just remember thinking I had about 10 years before I had any real expectations of me to have a career, family, or a home.

I was really excited about the band I was in back then, really thought I had a chance to make it big. I learned alot about the music business since then though. I actually am making a living now as a professional musician. I learned not to hitch my wagon to just one horse. I realize for some thats the only way to make it, but it didn't work out that way for me.

I also really looked up to musicians who were just a little bit older than me because they had all the cool gear and road cases. It really just takes time, you get a little bit of stuff every year and eventually you have all the tools of the trade, and then all the toys too.
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