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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

England do not choke up.

We were once cheated by the hand of God, or one nations interpretation of it, .is that what religon teaches us to do, cheat, and then it is acceptable in the name of God.

In that case, you can say that Irland Choked up, or was you cheated like England was.

Why has England harmed football, yes we have to many Johnny Forighner in our teams which adds flair to the game, but they cheating B......ds, those europeons.

Theres not many an English football surporter that likes the .french football, and we hate what the French have done to Irland as much as any one else, no one like a cheat.

AS far as i am concerned, the french have now made a reputation for themselves, as being cheats, thats the only way they can get into the world cup, by cheating, and admitting it, and still getting into the world cup.
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