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Default Re: 2009 your year in review

No shows for me, but it's okay.

Now that I've finally finished up school after graduating in May, I have for the first time since I started drumming 9 years ago been able to play (almost) every single day. Through the last four years of college, I was lucky if I played once a month!! I bought a brand new set in July that I love, and have also been adding lots of cymbals and other gear. To sum it up: I can finally devote the time necessary to progress in my hobby. I find myself just sitting and staring at my set after I'm done playing with a big dumb smile on my face just elated at how happy I am to be able to play all the time.

I also joined DW around the same time I bought my new set, and I have learned sooo much about drumming over that period of time. Thanks everyone!!
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