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Default Re: 2009 your year in review

67 shows, 3 bands.

Best: Edmundston New Brunswick, small cafe, 45 people. 4-5 days into a tour, vocalist looses his voice, can hardly project, we played super quiet so he didn't have to fight to be heard, the place was all eyes on us, had people from ages 17-70 in the audience, best reception ever.

Worst: Quebec City, St. Patrick's Day, 100? folks. No one cared about the band.

Released one album in March (although I tracked 2 years before we finished it), quit that band 6 months later. Recorded 3rd album with another band, due for completion in the spring.

Acquired Gear: late 70's Acrolite, 60's 13" Slingerland tom, 80's Swingstar kick. H&B Enduro hard case for cymbals, Steady Case soft cymbal bag with shoulder straps.

Not the busiest year for me by far, but I did get more weekends off to spend with the gf. I wanted it that way.
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