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Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Yes, highly unlikely. I was too young to "really" enjoy the 60's, but the next 4 decades. Mostly it's all the same. Things just get harder....and cost more.
Yeah i suppose that's one of the things that style and tech has changed over the years but really people haven't changed much. We still do much of the same things we did back then. A great example of this is when there is some high profile court case and you see people banging on the prison van at the end, it's not really all that different from the angry medieval mob with fire sticks and pitchforks to burn the witch at the stake.
Generally though i would say that although stuff costs more, we do earn more and it seems to be an eternal battle between the rising living costs and our pay-rises.
Also speaking of the 60s, think about back then when people were REALLY worried about total global anhialation not just the hyped up crap of late.
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