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Default 2009 your year in review

How was everybody's 2009? any new bands? best shows? worst shows? any new albums? new gear?

show count: 147 shows, with 3 bands
best show: jacksonville Irish festival 8,000 people, huge 120 foot stage, good times.
worst show: some bar in yonker's new york ugh. The people in the bar didn't even acknowledge our existence in a TINY bar, and the manager wouldn't let us take breaks we played 3 hours straight.
new albums: didn't put out a new release this year, but one is being mixed right now and should be out soon. fingers crossed
new gear - gretsch new classic cob snare. a few new cymbals.

I wish I had a count of how many pairs of sticks I went through, I guess I can go through my reciepts, that would be interesting.
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