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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Gotcha GDU. Bummer is I already bought it some time ago. Be good to have an MP3 that acts as a flash drive.

How generic is the output connector? I have a docking station which fits the iPod.
Polly, I always have my 3G phone with me. I have 8 gig of memory on my phone. I use my phone as a flash drive. I either use bluetooth or a usb cable to get the info to and from other computers. That is another option that people frequently overlook. I also have software that allows my phone to contact my sleeping computer and access files from it whenever I want them.
A 3G phone is a much better device than an iPod when it comes to sharing data. The phone can be so many things! It took me a while to realize this. I bought my LG Dare phone for use as a phone. I didn't think of it as a device for transporting data. I hooked my phone to my computer via usb and bluetooth. I made many discoveries afterwards! Us older folks have to change our way of thinking about a mobil phone as a phone. The technology for these devices has changed so much in just a short while. Experiment with your phone. What phone do you currently use?
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