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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

but i dont consider him a legend or anything
he's a great drummerbut I don't find him to be so amazing.
I can't seem to find something SO speacial about this guy. overrated
I just don't hear any progress in Gadd's playing. One thing I noticed is that he does the same things, all the time! I've seen lots of video footage and heard lots of recordings he's on and it's always the same beats and that same lick between the snare and toms.
anyone else ever thought that the 50 Ways beat just doesn't really fit the song??

Ok now I'm really flustered. I guess some people just don't get it. Why is it that people can make really absurd claims (see above) that are made mostly out of ignorance then footnote it with IMO, or IMHO. Worse, when those of us who GET Gadd respond, we are somehow knee-jerk, and reactionary? Of COURSE I'm reactionary. When you know something you know something. When someone says something as fact, and they just don't know, then naturally those of us 'in-the-know' are going to speak out.

Call it old-age, maturity, smugness, whatever...

Most intelligent thing said in this entire thread (thinshells):
They want Steve Gadd to sound like Joey, or Travis. The bashings usually come from younger folks that aren't impressed by anything except faster, louder. Subtlety and musicianship along with groove are ideas that are undiscovered.
(sorry for the triple post, but man I feel passionate about this one)

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