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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by jpekarek
IMO, Steve Gadd is an excellent drummer and also very accomplished. But (IMO) if you take away that one lightning fast lick he does all the time, there isn't anything very impressive left. It seems like most of his stuff is based on it. He throws it in everywhere and it gets a little old.

Great drummer, great chops, I just can't find anything to get impressed about.

Wow, is this a joke post? Yes, you can have your opinion, but I think you probably haven't watched/studied/listened to or followed Gadd at all. There is so much more to his playing than the 32nd note Linear Riffs and the and the "50 ways" grove.

Watch him play with James Taylor. I assure you he doesn't play the linear riff at all, because IT DOESN'T FIT THE MUSIC.

Gadd is a master at playing for the music.

Just watch Clapton's Crossroads DVD and fast forward to the James Taylor/Joe Walsh bit with Gadd on drums.

The problem with Gadd is that he isn't always flash and chops all the time, so some more over-the-top type of drummers don't get him.

The man is a musical genius who defies classification.
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