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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

Ipods are a bit overrated imo and I see no need to buy anything from Apple. I tried one once and it wouldn't work with my Windows 2000 computer even though the box said it would. Apple service was so-so and finally told me the Ipod just wouldn't work with some OSs.

This was over 5 years ago though, and I'm sure they work now. My big gripe is the required use of itunes and the fact that they can't be used as normal file storage devices. If it's 60gb or whatever why can't I throw whatever files I want on there? And why can't I just use windows explorer to drag whatever mp3s I want onto it?

What stinks is that there are not alot of choices for mp3 players over 40gb. I think it's pretty much just the ipod and zune. And the Zune carries many of the same limitations as the ipod I think.

For smaller mp3 players 4-16 gb I don't see any reason to use an ipod. The iriver I have will do more than the small ipods and is easier to use. Too bad there aren't more choices for larger capacity devices.
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