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Default Re: Used and Abused.

Sorry to hear of this.

Unfortunately, it happens all to often. Similar things have happened to me. Chalk it up to experience.

The question is this person really going to do something with these recordings?
Spending time to try to get royalties off of something that doesn't sell isn't a great use of your time. I 100% understand your anger, but a percentage of zero is still zero.

Document what you can just in case, but I wouldn't bother chasing this guy down further unless he actually is able to sell the recording and make money.

And no, you can't claim any copyright on drum parts. There was a thread on this topic recently, but for the most part, copywrites cover lyrics, melody and harmony, but not drums. And if drums could be copywritten, everyone here would be in massive financial debt to Cozy Cole, Gene Krupa, Ringo Star, et all, for playing beats and fills that have been played by someone before.
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