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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

Wow, sorry about the bad vibes. Didn't expect that from the questions.

Anway, I picked her up a pink Ipod Shuffle. It was a tough decision because with the other ipods you get the joy of future gifts with all the other stuff available, like the clock radio, etc. Bose has even gotten into the aftermarket game for ipods.

I passed on the Nano, and went with the Shuffle because while at Target to pick it up, they also had a digital video camera\ still camera\ mp3 player with a 4 gig SD card on sale that with the 2 equaled the price of the nano. I figured I can upgrade her to the Nano or another model in a few years.

I appreciate the help everyone gave. It made a difference and helped me understand what I was after. If it had been for myself, I wouldn't have much cared one way or the other, but for my grandaughter and in typical grandpa fasion, I wanted to get her the best, And other then the price considerations, not a single person told me the ipod was inferior to any of the other players although good things were said about Zune also.

Thanks again.

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