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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

You seem to have some personality issues. You are worried about how people conceive you with a particular brand of MP3 player. You are concerned about someone elses post count. Mac people get under your skin because they justify their purchase of Mac products. Anything else? Or should we stick to the topic.? You have turned the thread into a teenage angst issue and a brand battle when all the original poster wanted was a few opinions on products. I will guarantee you that at 61 years old I could give a crap as to what people think about the brands I buy. And I never have, so don't throw my age back at me. Mac people, as you lump us, don't have the issues. We are glad you don't like the products so when the new stuff comes out you won't be in line. Thicken up your skin while you are young or you are headed for many disappointments. Sorry for the rant guys, but I'm tired of the foolish way that people get off topic on this forum.
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