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Default Re: Your favorite album of 2009!!

Crack the Skye was brilliant in my opinion. Prior to that album I wasn't a huge fan of Mastodon, there were select cuts off of their albums that I liked. The last song off Blood Mountain was great, it sounded really southern rock bluesy with a lot of the guitar work. It sounded like they continued in that direction. And "The Last Baron"... *shakes head* just epic.

Humbug from the Arctic Monkeys was really good too. It was noticeably different and took some time to grow on me. I picked it up and listened to it a few times and then it just sat there for a month or so and one day I decided to listen to it again and didn't put it down for a month. Josh Homme produced a lot of so I expected it to be different.

On the hip hop front Mos Def put out The Ecstatic which was noticeably unconventional and really showed off his versatility style-wise. And the cultural poignancy was still there (not that it ever left).

Blakroc (self titled) which is a very interesting project is very solid all the way through. The Black Keys did all of the music (the RZA threw down a guitar track) and got in touch with Damon Dash who brought over a mob of emcees to put that together. It's raw and THICK.

And Q-Tip put out The Renaissance, and as far as I can remember Tip has never done wrong. Need not say anymore.

The Roots were supposed to put out How I Got Over in October but that was pushed out till February. The single of the same title is a gem, it's got that old school soul/RnB style to it with a fat groove.

It wasn't an album, but a "mixtape" that was recently released by an Afro-German female RnB singer Nneka has been playing constantly on my phone. A lot of pro Africa, rise up content with a hell of a voice behind . She's definitely saying something.

And there's nothing else on the horizon until next year.
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