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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

All of the mp3 devices work well! To each their own. I didn't buy Apple products because I thought that they were the coolest. I bought them because I liked them for what they are.
I also bought them because they had a store that I could go to that had great associates working in it that would help me. I didn't know anything about computers and iPods when I first visited the Apple Store. The folks there taught me how to use the products. I attended seminars there. Apple put the whole deal together with great products and one on one support. That is what you are paying for when you buy Apple. You are buying into an organization that is dedicated to servicing your every need when it comes to using their products. You don't just buy an Apple product and call an 800 number for support.
I don't mind paying more for that. That is my feeling.
I don't look at other mp3 and computer users as owners of inferior devices. I don't understand why anyone would look at Apple users as "Droids"
Like I said up top "To each their own"
I didn't see anyone in this thread saying that iPods were the best. I saw people giving unbiased advice to the OP.
I kind of like old drums:)
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