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Default Re: Drum Machines replacing you

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
To be fair, the reduction in session work cannot be blamed strictly on technology. In the golden era of session players ('60s & '70s) a lot of 'groups' weren't radio-ready, and ringers were called in to play. But as young players got better on their instruments - perhaps from emulating bands whose music was made by pros - groups became more self-contained and could record tracks on their own. Hence, fewer calls to the Hal Blaines, Kenny Aronoffs and Eddie Bayers' of the studio scene.

Perhaps. Josh Freese may think differently LOL.

But on the other hand, technology also allows a producer/engineer to take an imperfect drum track, quantize it, and make it sound like a studio drummer or machine.

Still, the drum machine may have been invented in the 80's, but I'd say the use of non-real drummers is much more prevalent today than it was 20-30 years ago, be it an actual drum machine, samples, or purchasing pre-record loops of real drummers.
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