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Default Re: Used and Abused.

Welcome to the real world kid. I have been dealing with people like that on and off and in different situations for over 50 years. The sooner you learn to cover yourself and not let yourself be in a position to get screwed, the better off you will be.
I figure let papa handle it legally, though I'm a bust his nose type. He needs punishment in some fashion if for no other reason then to make you feel somewhat better, though if there is no real value monetarily it can be just more frustration. I would lobby to get my tracks off there. Who wants to be associated with a putz like that?
I went to the face book page and my IE crashed instantly. Bad vibes with this dude. Rest assure that he will somehow sometime pay for his lack of integrity. Everyone does and there are no exceptions.
You on the other hand, are learning how NOT to treat people and will carry it forever. With OUT permanent scars. So good on you.
Remember. If there werent @ssholes in the world, the rest of us wouldnt look so good!
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