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Default Your favorite album of 2009!!

I think it's time to share our thoughts as to what we believe to be our favorite album of the year is.

I'll go first...


I have been listening to these guys for 6 years now and each album has it's own mark in the universe. Crack the Skye really struck a chord with me and I can tell it is their magnum opus. It has that vibe that can only be truly harnessed once in a bands career. Think Blackwater Park by Opeth. That was a creepy 70's feeling album that Akerfeldt I'm afraid will always be trying to capture again. I pray that Lindgren and Lopez return to their rightful places. And to Mastodon...BRAVO.

On a similar note I would like to give a nod of approval to the band FORMERLY known as KISS. Though Sonic Boom wasn't the retro album that I was hoping for (and I read in guitar player magazine that Paul did not want to make a retro album) it did grow on me. As a die hard there will always little nuances that I wish were in the album. A lick here, a fill there, I could go on...but overall I am more than mildly pleased. Too bad that Ace & Peter aren't on the album and that Psycho Circus wasn't the album that it should have been.

Other worthy mentions in my book are Cave In. They are back after a 3 1/2 year hiatus and have only released an EP...ON VINYL!! Haven't heard the new Slayer but from what I hear about it it's well, SLAYER. Shrinebuilder is another that is moving mountains right now and the only thing I have to say about Alice In Chains is welcome back!

thank you, that is all.

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