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Default Re: Drum Machines replacing you

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
It's nothing to be concerned about. Your argument that they will be 'replacing' drummers was used in the early 1980s. That was thirty years ago and it hasn't happened yet.
I think that's a bit of an over simplification though.

While true, real drummers have not gone the way of the do-do bird, as mentioned in this thread there is a lot less session work going on today compared to years ago. If it's not a machine, its loops or sequencers. Even the great Kenny Arnoff admits he's not making as much money as he used (see Drumhead magazine).

So many clubs now feature Dj's that only play machine oriented music. Some DJ's are even considered a form of "musician" themselves because they mix together different loops and samples to make something not already assembled.

Even in the 80's, drum machines were mostly in new wave music, and some pop, and rap was still in it's early stages.

Now, just about every top 40 song has a drum machine/loop.

Yes, there has been going back to drums, with some pop, R&B and hip-hop artists hiring real drummers for their shows (and bring to the public's attention some great players) still, the majority of the studio recordings are machine/loop based.

Most of my friends who've gone on to form their own bands/side projects, all use machines. My vocalist & keyboardist & guitarist friends get invited to play sessions, do guest appearances on other people's records, but they'd all just assume use a machine for the drum parts.

One my friends band prides themselves on using cheesy drum machine parts as part of their shtick!
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