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Default Re: Drum Machines replacing you

In the FAR distant future they might be able to get computers to replicate and mimic the "intent" of the organic mastery of Elvin Jones playing with the John Coltrane Quartet making and creating the music of a living human being communicating emotionally on a heavy level on the spot with all the natural "imperfections" that make it sound like what a real human is only capabile of........................maybe....

Till then the world of actual creative music played as it happens by humans on the spot listening and searching for sounds with a level of human organic ebb and flow making bouyant swinging intuitive or totally open improv based music as a ensemble unit is NOT under any threat of instinction whatsoever in my view. Still very safe from being replaced............

You might be able to use computer programs, drum machines, sequencers etc.. to mimic the skills of human musicians playing instruments and sounds but you won't be able to teach them to listen and improvise and create what comes from the soul that flows out with real emotional content which only can be achieved with real living folks playing acoustic instruments together on stage in front of a audience or in a recording studio to capture it. You CAN"T achieve that sound and you CAN"T achieve that emotional effect or content for acoustic ensemble jazz in particular with any form of electronic replication at present.

In the FAR distant future one never knows but i'm safe at present and have no concern about a machine replacing what i've spent a lifetime learning how to do and learning how to do it with others on the spot to create a greater whole in the end.

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