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Default Re: Drum Machines replacing you

Ironically, a lot of the 'real' drums you hear are actually more mechanistic than the programmed drums. Ever heard of quantising audio? Look it up. Even 'real' drummers today are made to sound like machines through various editing procedures and techniques.
Yeah, the musical equivalent of cheating...and you thought you couldn't cheat with music, the real test comes when a bvand that uses quantisizing performs live.

Playing along to a metronome makes your timing a bit better but there are still always human nuances, so the performance will still be human.

It's good because it is really hard to count "1e&a2e&a" and when you get to about 120 bpm or "1 & 2 &" at 240 bpm.

Performing live along to a metronome keeps things precise and human but not sloppy.

Drum machines won't be replacing Jazz drummers in the near future because of the dynamic nature of Jazz just can't be programmed ("It don't mean thing if it ain't got that swing") ...and there are several ways to swing music ayway.
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