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Default Re: Used and Abused.

Originally Posted by TTNW View Post
Right on Larry. I was a roofing contractor for many years. You're an electrician.

Don't mess with the trades, man.
Aw man roofing. Carrying those 100 lb shingle bundles on 1 shoulder while scaling a shaky ladder 20 feet up, in blistering heat and whipping cold....You has my sympathies!

Actually Groovemeister, you don't have to break bad right away, but you should be firm in that you won't go away until he lives up to his word. You have to give him a chance to make good before you do double paradiddles on his face with your fists...I have to collect money this way. I just act firm and am RELENTLESS. Showing up in person is the best way, he can't hide behind a phone or computer. Look him right in the eye, don't waver and don't leave until you pin him down WHEN he will make good.
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