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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

Originally Posted by genericdrummingusername View Post
I hate Ipods. Apple is Evil. You'll find, if you buy an Ipod, that you'll need to use Apples music software, buy Apple peripherals, and buy music and apps for it. There's no practical reason to use an Ipod over any other MP3 player.

Sorry - as others have pointed out - simply not true, except the need to use iTunes - NOT the iTunes Music Store - which is free and cross-platform.

I have more than one iPod - with nearly 80gigs of high fidelity zero loss music files on one of them. And maybe only a half a dozen tunes from the iTunes Music Store. Though just because I have little use for the iTunes Music Store doesn't mean that others don't - quite a huge collection of (now) pretty decent quality files.

I also use Sennheiser non-ipod specific headphones.
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