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It's been less than an hour since I left the jazz club where Dave Weckl was playing tonight with Mike Stern. It's actually the first time I've ever seen him in person. I've been listening to him since he became ubiquitous in MD for his work with Paul Simon and Chick Corea back in the mid '80s. I bought all the Chick Corea stuff he played on and he quickly became, and remains, one of my favorite drummers.

It struck me tonight watching Weckl that he really does have an exceptional sense of time (which I already knew, but it was cool to see). I was joking before the show that I was going to count how many times 4 bars could go by without him getting all virtuoso on it. I was guessing zero, but I was very wrong. He can be a great pocket player.

Like Bonzo great.

Perhaps incongruously, I saw my other favorite "Dave" drummer 3 weeks ago (Dave Grohl), so my new fantasy is to see Dave Weckl do a project similar to Queens Of The Stone Age or Them Crooked Vultures. Or just some contemporary rock project where he could surprise everybody by stripping down to a four piece with over-sized toms and big crashes and just release his inner Bonham/Grohl while supporting the song. It's there, I saw flashes of it tonight.

Then he could join the ranks of Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons), Stanton Moore (Corrosion of Conformity, Galactic), Steve Gadd (who hasn't he gone gold with!), Steve Smith (Journey), Rod Morgenstien (Winger), and Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Megadeth). It's like the only thing left he hasn't done.

That would be amazing.

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