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Default Re: Ipods and mp3 players question

Originally Posted by genericdrummingusername View Post
I hate Ipods. Apple is Evil. You'll find, if you buy an Ipod, that you'll need to use Apples music software, buy Apple peripherals, and buy music and apps for it. There's no practical reason to use an Ipod over any other MP3 player.

yes, you need to use the itunes program to interface with the ipod, but the program is free.

I don't use itunes to buy music. I buy my music from Amazon, and other places, and it all loads to my ipod just fine.

I can use protools to mix down a song and pop it right on my ipod. No extra apple stuff needed.

As for price, that stuff changes constantly. A year ago, I saw 8gig ipod nano's for under $100. But new players and upgrades come out all the time, so you really have to make sure you're comparing the same thing when looking at an ipod vs other brand.

I admit, I spent weeks going over all my available options at the time. I went ipod, mostly because the particular version I bought had flash memory, rather than a hard drive, which is more stable. Granted the trade off is less memory space, but I've never even come close to filling it up the 16 gigs it came with.
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