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Default Re: Jordan Mancino as i lay dying

Originally Posted by xkevinx
good drummer, but i think as i lay dying is just awful.

for anyone into heavier music like this, check out the following for some greeeat drumming.

The End (toronto) (anthony salajko) - possibly the most technically complex band the world has ever seen.
Between The Buried And Me (north carolina) (will goodyear, mark castillo) - great creative drumming, powerful, technical and tight.
Ion Dissonance (montreal) (some little guy on drums) - complex polyrhythms, constantly shifting time signatures, incredibly fast and hard to follow double bass rhythms.

i've had the pleasure of seeing all these bands live and the drummers impress my socks off every time. you can find any of these bands on file sharing programs like soulseek or limewire, or google them and order their cd from the label better yet!
well the 2nd and 3rd bands there are both excellent, maybe i should check out the 1st. The new BTBAM drummer is very good (Blake Richardson) but the old ones are ridiculously good too (Castillo)

Edit: actually just to add my actual thoughts on Mancino, he's a fast, good drummer, but the best metalcore style drumming i've heard is in a band called Misery Signals, their drummers transitions are so smooth and flowing, he actually reminds me of Brann Dailor (which isn't a bad thing) but a more double-bass heavy (ie metalcore) style. They are basically fairly technical metalcore, they have a lot of interesting time signatures as well, much better than your standard fare.

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