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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

It's all fair. I myself couldn't do it, wouldn't want to do it. The music comes out too sterile sounding for me, and the human-ness is quantified right out of it.

I think it's good to practice to one, to show you how the fills and grooves sounds like in perfect time, but for performing, give me human time everytime.

If you're playing along to a loop I guess you don't have much choice though.

I love Motown. I can also keep pretty steady time. Trying to play Motown stuff....the meter isn't steady throughout. I never realized this until I tried playing to the old recordings. It breathes, and it found me too much in front of the beat sometimes, too much behind at others, and right with it, not enough. Those songs touch my soul. Yea, give me human time.
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