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Default Re: Off the Throne?

There has been precious little time behind the drums for the past year. Lots of RL distractions, and a few very nice road trips. I guess I'd say my other favorite place to be is in my comfy recliner between the fireplace and the window with the view of the bay, writing on my little Alpha Neo. I just finished my third National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo ... challenge to write a 50K word novel every November), and now ready to start editing last year's 540-page epic, Shadows of Duluth, which I plan to self-publish this spring. The 2007 and this year's novels will be next, to publish before November and time to start all over again.

I did sit down to the drums this morning, slapped on the headphones and discovered that (a) I still love it; and (b) I can still do a passable job of it! 8-)
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