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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by Spinozalove View Post
Try the BBC sessions. Really amazing. The best thing I have heard by them I think.
Yes BBC is great but I like "How The West Was Won" also,When LZ was hitting on all cylinders live there was very few if any bands out there at that time that could touch them.

All of the studio albums are great but I prefer "Presence" just on the fact that it's probably the most under-radio played album they made, "Achilles Last Stand" how amazing is that tune and how many times have you heard it on the radio? Catch my drift? or just listen too "Tea for One" for one of the best slow-blues tracks in the Zeppelin library.

Yes they are & always will be my Fav but yes I agree the same tunes are constantly played on the radio it got too the point where every time I started to hear "Stairway" back in the 80's I would change the station immediately LOL but then I didn't. hear it for a long time and today I almost have a new appreciation for the tune how weird is that LOL

I just as with a lot of Zep fans wish Robert Plant would get his head out of his a-- and tour with Jimmy,John-Paul & Jason one last time they don't. have too be like the Stones and tour every 2 years just one final hoo-hah. I know RP don't. want too go back too yesterday(Led-Zeppelin) but he wouldn't. have today(Allison Krauss,solo career) if it wasn't. for yesterday.

I was too young to see them in their hayday but i've seen everything else....The Firm,John Paul Jones solo,Jimmy Page solo,Robert Plant solo,Page & Plant,Coverdale & Page, & Jimmy Page w/the Black Crows. Give us one last tour so the average,hardworking LZ fan can see them live. Thanks for letting me vent LOL

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