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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Hey Everyone
I just found this thread but I've been into the tiny/mini/jungle kit for a couple years now. It started when I stumbled on a "Groove Percussion" 4 pc that a guy was selling with some nice cymbals. I just wanted the cymbals. Then I found out this Groove Percussion kit was actually a rebadged Yamaha Manu Katche kit sold only by Sam Ash. In fact the snare is exactly the same as the Yamaha 12" Musashi SnareWhen I played it, it was one of those WHAT??? moments. Couldn't believe it. The 16x16 kick blew me away and the overall sound just hooked me. I looked over at my Gretsch 6Pc Renown Walnut/Rack system and thought "wow maybe I DON'T need to break that thing down all the time" . Anyway it's great and since then the Gretsch is gone, which really hurt, but kept the little Groover and added a 4x14 Pearl Maple Snare and just converted a 18x18 Pearl Maple Tom to my new kick and added legs to the 16x16 for a monster floor tom. Now if I need a bigger sound for Funk or Big Band it's there or scale it back down to a tiny 3 or 4 pc as needed. Never needs more than 2 stands even with all my cymbals and hanging 13" tom. Heres a pic of original and one all grown up.Drums:18x18; 16x16' 13x13'10x7;12x5 Snare'14x4 Snare' Cymbals: 10 Sabian HH splash;13" Zildj. MasterSound Hats; 16" Sabian HH thin crash;16" Zildj.Medium Crash; 16" Wuhan China 3 rivets19" Armand Zildj. Beautiful Baby Ride 3 rivets; 20" Zildj K Custom Dark Ride
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