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Look at Gretsch Catalina, either the club mod or maple, or any major brand like Ludwig, Tama, Pearl, DDrum. Stay away from off brands such as percussion plus, Greggs Percussion, Stagg, etc.. Dont get caught in the more is better mantra that many companies put out...i.e. free toms. Quality is better, so of you can get a relitivaly good 5pc, or even a 4 pc (bass, snare, rack tom ,floor tom,) used that would be the way to go. Your primary focus should be to have a good snare, a good ride (that you can crash), and a good set of Hi-Hats. The toms and bass of any intermediate drum set will be good enough. If you the fore mentioned pieces, you can then save money to get more toys, However if you save say 50-70 dollars, dont blow it on a cheap splash cymbal or roto tom. Save enough to get the primary pc's of your set. Like stated before...(snare, and ride and hats are in my opinion the most crucial)....any way hope this helps....
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