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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by tomgadd
something brand new from gadd....

you can listen to 4 tracks from the brand new cd and you can watch some quicktime videos
from the recording session...

line up is:

BASS - Will Lee -
DRUMS - Steve Gadd -
VOCALS: JOY MALCOLM (Moby, Incognito)
SHARLENE HECTOR (Basement Jaxx), Z-STAR (Slow Train)


THANK YOU for this notice. I promptly ordered a copy and it just came today. So far I really like it, always a treat to hear Gadd playing in a cutting-edge musical environment. The compositions start off really grooving and invigorating, but it seems as you get deeper into the album, the tracks languish a bit. But oh well, the first 4 tracks more than make up for it. Not to mention that anything - ANYTHING - Gadd plays on I will gleefully listen to.

And for those who think he has only a couple things he does over and over, you are not listening close enough. Maybe it's the same rhythm orchestrated around the kit the same way, but if you're hearing the same thing as before, you're not grasping that, for whatever reasons, it simply fits the mood being created right then and there (making technical issues pointless to think about - just feel what the song/Gadd is saying). Not to sound condescending, but you must dive deeper into his sonic spectrum and think about his playing on many levels, and especially listen to the SPACE in between his notes just as much as the actual notes. Context, musicality, groove, efficiency, touch -- he pretty much has full ownership of these concepts, and you'll be much better to keep listening until you understand how he rules these.
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