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Originally Posted by PMcCMusic View Post

So,...This is where I voice an opinion and go down in Through years of gigging with drummers,..... IMO,...there is nothing more aggravating than a drummer with chops!....I realize context is everything, so don't take that super literal, but.
Why any drummer would think that fills every 4 or 8, turning the beat around,..fancy hihat shit, cool in pop/rock,..beyond me....
But you do,...I know you're out there guys,...LOL!!

There is nothing more annoying than trying to solo or sing with that shit in the way.
Trust me,..your band feels this way,..they just won't tell you because drummers are rarer than you think.
You always know when a drummer has chops,...they can't help
Thank you for posting this. A very honest overview of what "non drummers" think. This needed to be said. Every drummer should take this to heart. I think it should be a sticky.
Once again thanks. You've totally crystalized this subject down to it's most basic truisms.
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