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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Yep you are right, its not about wheather, we are Poms, Sussie, i mean Aussie LOL, Kiwi, or Yanks, FOOTBALL is truly a world sport, were all countrys, third world or not, play and partisipate in the world cup.

But, ....... England, is the home of football,
The FA cup, is the cup to play for, FA, standing for FOOTBALL Association.

Sooooo i would assume that football is the rightfull name for FOOTBALL, seeing as you play the ball with your foot or feet if you are clever. So FOOTBALL seems a very good name for the sport. not soccer. LOL LOL LOL, WMSL, (wetting my self laughing).

As for Agentina, dont get me started, "hand of GOD", Beckham getting sent of, and for anther reason that we should not go into.

But ENGLAND will be in the finals, but it would be just our bad luck that the oppersition would hand ball the ball into the goal, and as usual the referee turning a blind eye to the event.
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