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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

yeah, I live in the states, we moved here when me and my sister were both really young, so yeah, we say mom lol. Like I said I was not born in England but actually Wales, and we all moved to the states shortly there after my birth--around 6 months or so--(cause my Mom is American)...

Interestingly enough we did used to say crisps for "potato chips" as kids, and my Dad (born and raised in Nuneaton, England) used to make us laugh with all his English idioms and sayings. And he always compares America to Britain, especially when it comes to driving and road manners lol.

But yeah I totally understand the rivalry between England and Germany...its obvious... and with both my Granddad and Great-Granddad fighting in WWI and WWII for Britain in the Royal Navy, I can see how the deep running rivalry became ingrained in my father, which now resides in me LOL.

Also England and Argentina have a very popular rivalry.
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